So the Texas School of Photography is over. It was a long week and I am tired but I am very inspired right now. The class was everything I was expecting and more. Have you ever watched someone do something that they love? You know, something they really have a passion for so much that it almost oozes out of their pores. Well this is what I saw when watching Dave Newman teach his class. It was quite a joy to see not only the teacher enjoying the teaching experience but also the students in the class were just as stoked.

We were exposed to a Master Photographer in action. Here was the process: book learning, taking pictures, evaluating the pictures. Rinse, lather, & repeat again. We had models in our class everyday, single portraiture, couples, family & bridal portraiture. Busy, busy, busy. My brain is hurting now remembering the week.

We even had a field trip. We met up in a local park where we met some kid models for outdoor portrait sessions. Then later, many participated in the arts & crafts part of the course… we dyed backgrounds. There were a few who dove in, literally. One person missed a step and took a step off in the creek. Missed that shot.

Here are a few shots from the field trip.

Texas School -- Outdoor Portraits

Dying Backgrounds

Mother & Daughter Portrait

I wasn\'t doing nuthin\'