The Survey Results Are In

A recent survey by PPA revealed that most people responding (67%) to the survey said they store their photos in their phone or on their computer. [Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!] Yes, we live in a digital world and it IS easier to keep all this images tucked away in a folder somewhere on that hard drive but what happens if the computer crashes? You do have a back up somewhere, right? No? [Queue up crying and wailing for the loss of those newborn, first steps walking, or senior graduation images.]

Take a look at the infographic below and think about your own life… Of the total images you have, how many have you actually printed? I have so many photo albums from my family, the family vacations, milestones-graduation high school & college, and so many other events in my life that I can immediately go back to by simply turning a page. Luckily for the digital age, you can create a very simple photo book online and have it shipped to you. Here’s an idea to try, take a look at a single year of images and then try to get the best of those images printed into a photo book, or print out some small prints and buy a “old school” photo album. True me, you won’t be sorry. And it gives you a wonderful sense of all the things you have done over the year.

Print, Your Memories, Your Life.

Print, Your Memories, Your Life.

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Don’t Be That Person – Print Your Images

Make sure that your family’s photos are backed up. Print them out and put them in an album. And if it has been a while since you had a family portrait made, give me a call, I am available to create a family memory that will last a lifetime.