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You Really Should Print Those Images So I ran across this little commercial from Canon Printers. First I laughed out loud at the commercial and then it made me think… a lot. With everyone having a camera in their phone, there are literally millions of images being captured every minute of the day. Many of […]

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Did You Say 830? Yes. So 830 pictures later I put my camera away, left Jersey Village High School, and went home exhausted. A good four hours of taking picture in a darkened theater will do that to you. What was I doing you ask? I was taking pictures at the Mr. Falcon Contest, a […]

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Purchase an audio book right before the Christmas holiday. It’s called The Happiest Days of Our Lives by Wil Wheaton. Yeah, you know the name. He’s the actor who made the character Wil Crusher of Star Trek: The Next Generation, famous. Well turns out he’s more than just an actor. He’s a husband, father, writer, […]

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