Did You Say 830?

Yes. So 830 pictures later I put my camera away, left Jersey Village High School, and went home exhausted. A good four hours of taking picture in a darkened theater will do that to you. What was I doing you ask? I was taking pictures at the Mr. Falcon Contest, a boys beauty contest which is a major fund raiser for the senior class. This fund raiser is for their prom.

There were 26 contestants competing for the honor of being selected as Mr. Falcon. Only seniors are eligible for a nomination into the competition. I also took pictures for a calendar that was also part of the Mr Falcon contest.

Video 1 – Meet The Contestants


Video 2 – The Talent Competition


Video 3 – The Swim Suit Competition


Video 4 – The Formal Wear Competition


So there you have it. Four hours of taking picture wrapped up into less than 10 minutes. Aren’t you glad you waited for the video? Oh, if you were there and are interested in purchasing a picture from the event, click on over here to my online store for a review of the pictures and you can have some for your very own.

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