About 9 months ago, Falcon Photography was contacted by a veterinarian who was developing her In-Home Pet Hospice & Euthanasia business to create some professional images for her biography page on her website as well as some images of her with some of her pets. I spent an afternoon with her and her two rat terriers, Molly & Myley and one of her cats Satsu.









Fast forward and Dr. Christine Cornelius has officially opened Last Wishes. No one really thinks about needing the services of Dr. Cornelius but she is one of less than 50 vets who are doing this kind of work. I can tell you that from the time I spent with her and her pets she is a caring veterinarian.

When the day comes that I need her services for any of our pets, I will call Last Wishes to assist us to help our pet make the transition. If you own pets and they become sick or in need of hospice, do yourself the service and contact Last Wishes. They also have a Facebook page.