Old Dog, New Tricks?

I am a lifelong learner. I love learning new things… How does that work? Whoever dreamed that up must be a genius! How many steps can I remove from this process? I want to learn to cook that dish. Curious is one of the many words that describes my personality. I always tell people that I was a “why” child. My mother told me as a child I asked LOTS of why questions. Why is the sky blue? What is that lighting technique used in this image? Why can’t I fly?

When I found this infographic on an eLearning website, I was excited to see that there are many famous people who were late bloomers in the careers that ultimately defined them. Take a look at these famous people who started their careers late but were also very successful. It makes me realize that anyone… you, me, anyone can achieve success regardless if we get started a little later then other people.

Photography is a second career for me. And yes, I got started late compared to many, just like some of the people listed below. I had cameras as a child but when I entered high school and college, I put the camera down. Until digital cameras came out. My wife (then girlfriend) purchased my first digital camera. And the love of capturing images resurfaced. I was hungry to learn how to improve my images. And so I did. With most of my adult career in the training field either in management or a  consulting position, I always had my hands involved with some teaching/education role. In my photography career I have not abandoned the learning or educating roles. I have enjoyed sharing the knowledge I have acquired with people in my industry. I hope to continue with teaching my fellow photographers as my career progresses.

 Anyone Can Learn!

It’s Never Too Late to Learn Infographic

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Continue to Grow

Here are a few images from some recent sessions. I believe that I have successfully learned how to capture a beautiful image of a person but in no way do I consider my learning over. I continue to strive to improve the lighting, posing, and creativity of my images.

What we can learn together

At Falcon Photography, we offer a free session consultation. We are here to listen, learn and then offer advice on how we can better capture those milestone moments, the annual birthday image, and other important times in your life. We specialize in newborn, baby, children, family, high school senior portraits and commercial (head shots). Call us and let’s talk about how we can help capture YOU in the picture! FALCON PHOTOGRAPHY – 281.560.3686