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The Survey Results Are In

A recent survey by PPA revealed that most people responding (67%) to the survey said they store their photos in their phone or on their computer. [Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!] Yes, we live in a digital world and it IS easier to keep all this images tucked away in a folder somewhere on that hard drive but what happens if the computer crashes? You do have a back up somewhere, right? No? [Queue up crying and wailing for the loss of those newborn, first steps walking, or senior graduation images.]

Take a look at the infographic below and think about your own life… Of the total images you have, how many have you actually printed? I have so many photo albums from my family, the family vacations, milestones-graduation high school & college, and so many other events in my life that I can immediately go back to by simply turning a page. Luckily for the digital age, you can create a very simple photo book online and have it shipped to you. Here’s an idea to try, take a look at a single year of images and then try to get the best of those images printed into a photo book, or print out some small prints and buy a “old school” photo album. True me, you won’t be sorry. And it gives you a wonderful sense of all the things you have done over the year.

Print, Your Memories, Your Life.

Print, Your Memories, Your Life.

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Don’t Be That Person – Print Your Images

Make sure that your family’s photos are backed up. Print them out and put them in an album. And if it has been a while since you had a family portrait made, give me a call, I am available to create a family memory that will last a lifetime.

What’s Your Family’s Style?

The Professional Photographers of America (PPA) recently published a new video to help families understand their family’s photography style. At Falcon Photography, we always discuss with each client what type of photography (style) they like to ensure we create the type of images  our clients will cherish for many years.

Take The Family Style Quiz

If you want to determine what you family style is, watch this one minute video and then take a quick quiz to determine your style. NOTE: There is no information gathered in the quiz, you just answer a few questions by selecting a few images. It’s easy, fun and it will reveal what style of images you like. PPA Family Style Quiz:

Falcon Photography Family Portrait

And after you find out, give Falcon Photography a call to discuss & plan your family photo session and let us create a memorable image for a wall in your home.

Old Dog, New Tricks?

I am a lifelong learner. I love learning new things… How does that work? Whoever dreamed that up must be a genius! How many steps can I remove from this process? I want to learn to cook that dish. Curious is one of the many words that describes my personality. I always tell people that I was a “why” child. My mother told me as a child I asked LOTS of why questions. Why is the sky blue? What is that lighting technique used in this image? Why can’t I fly?

When I found this infographic on an eLearning website, I was excited to see that there are many famous people who were late bloomers in the careers that ultimately defined them. Take a look at these famous people who started their careers late but were also very successful. It makes me realize that anyone… you, me, anyone can achieve success regardless if we get started a little later then other people.

Photography is a second career for me. And yes, I got started late compared to many, just like some of the people listed below. I had cameras as a child but when I entered high school and college, I put the camera down. Until digital cameras came out. My wife (then girlfriend) purchased my first digital camera. And the love of capturing images resurfaced. I was hungry to learn how to improve my images. And so I did. With most of my adult career in the training field either in management or a  consulting position, I always had my hands involved with some teaching/education role. In my photography career I have not abandoned the learning or educating roles. I have enjoyed sharing the knowledge I have acquired with people in my industry. I hope to continue with teaching my fellow photographers as my career progresses.

 Anyone Can Learn!

It’s Never Too Late to Learn Infographic

Find more education infographics on e-Learning Infographics

Continue to Grow

Here are a few images from some recent sessions. I believe that I have successfully learned how to capture a beautiful image of a person but in no way do I consider my learning over. I continue to strive to improve the lighting, posing, and creativity of my images.

David 6 mo
David 6 moDavid 6 moSaylor 6 moSaylor 6 mo sessionSaylor

What we can learn together

At Falcon Photography, we offer a free session consultation. We are here to listen, learn and then offer advice on how we can better capture those milestone moments, the annual birthday image, and other important times in your life. We specialize in newborn, baby, children, family, high school senior portraits and commercial (head shots). Call us and let’s talk about how we can help capture YOU in the picture! FALCON PHOTOGRAPHY – 281.560.3686

What a great evening…

On January 20, 2015, Professional Photographers Guild of Houston (PPGH) had its annual meet-the president and awards meeting. It was a great event with over 100 people in attendance. Many past presidents, active members, and also first-time guests came to meet Belinda Higgins, PPGH’s 2015 President and the 2015 board.

What I did know…

As a board member and active member in the Guild, I had earned enough service points to earn my Associate Fellowship Degree. I was excited to receive this recognition, having put time in on different committees to earn the required service points. Also, my good friend and mentor, Karen Butts gave me my Associate Fellowship medal. As the meeting agenda unfolded, we eventually turned to awards and recognition. My name was called out and Karen read some information about my tenure with the Guild and activities with PPGH. People who know me know that I am NOT shy, but I was humbled by the recognition of my contributions to the Guild.  Anyway, I don’t recall too much other than smiling at the camera as my pictured was captured. Little did I know there was more recognition for me to come later in the evening.

What else I did not know…

After the Fellowship recognition, the image competition awards were next, then next came the President’s Award. This is given by the Guild president to a member who has outstanding service to the Guild. As I was still buzzing with my Fellowship recognition, I was not paying close attention when they called my name. What? Me? Seriously? As it turns out, it was me. No feigning surprise here. I was not expecting this and was likewise humbled by this recognition. I get a call for help and if I can, I do. That’s just how I was raised. So I smiled, got my picture taken and went away smiling.

But wait, there’s more. So next on the agenda is the Executive Director’s Award. Similar to the president’s award, which is for recognition of outstanding service. Tom Hathcock, the Guild executive director, began to describe the person who was 2014’s recipient of this award and again, my name was spoken. Now at this point, I am starting to think that I must be dreaming. Come on… I surely don’t deserve this. I just help when asked. Nothing uncommon, right? Again, I walk up to the front, smile and get my picture taken.

So when my evening started, I knew that I was going to receive my Associate Fellowship Degree and was excited to be receiving this recognition. Little did I know that I would be taking home three (3) awards! Below are a few images from the evening. It was a good night in the Falcon household.

Cheers to a great evening
Kevin Falcon with PPGH AwardsPPGH Executive Director Award

Thanks to Randall Stanford, M.Photog., Cr.Photog., CPP for capturing the images for this event. If you would like to view all the images posted to Facebook (like our page too), click here. And if you are a photographer, you should come to one of our meetings to hear some great speakers in 2015.


Get In the Picture!

Recently I came across this TED Talk by Steven Addis about how one image led to an annual image capture of him and his daughter. It was an simple moment captured that resulted in an annual trip to New York to take another image.  He urges people to “get in the picture” and be a part of the moment. I thought that this was a clever idea and I know that for many years to come he and his family will be able to look at those special moments and remember that time in their lives. The video is about 3:30 minutes in length.


Don’t let a special moment pass without capturing it in images! A newborn baby, first birthday, and high school senior portraits are only a few of the times in our lives where you should have a picture made. Below is a first birthday image from our baby program.

1st birthday portrait

1st birthday portrait


We Can Help

At Falcon Photography, we can help you capture the special time in your life. We are here to help document those milestone moments, the annual birthday image, and other important times in your life. We specialize in newborn, baby, children, family & high school senior portraits. Call us and let’s talk about how we can help capture YOU in the picture! Falcon Photography – 281.560.3686

You Really Should Print Those Images

So I ran across this little commercial from Canon Printers. First I laughed out loud at the commercial and then it made me think… a lot. With everyone having a camera in their phone, there are literally millions of images being captured every minute of the day. Many of them end up on social media sites for everyone to see. But does anyone ever print them out to enjoy?? At Falcon Photography, we do!!

Why Photographers Print

As a photographer, we are almost driven to create images. Whether it’s of a newborn baby, a energetic toddler, or a family portrait… photographers are passionate about capturing those moments in our lives that will never be again. The birth, graduation, or family gathering, it does not matter, we love creating memorable images. We love prints! Holding them in our hands, the feel of the print or canvas allows us to enjoy the image. You can’t hold the computer screen and feel the image in your hands. Nah, it just doesn’t work.

This video reminds us (very humorously) that we should enjoy prints of the images we capture. And I think they are on to something. What do you think?

When was the last time you had your image printed? Contact Falcon Photography to discuss how we can create some beautiful images for your walls!

Falcon Photography Newborn Image

Newborn Image in basket