So I made it through the airport in Houston in record time today. Ticketing, dropping off luggage, even security. Heck, I even got a ride to the terminal gate from one of those airport jockeys, the guys that have the extra long golf carts but never seem to have anyone on the cart. He just asked me if I wanted a ride and I said “you bet!” Otherwise, it was going to be a long walk to my gate. I thought, hey, this is starting off great. No issues with the plane, boarding, or flight, in other words, a unexpected bonus. On Cancun side, everything was the same. I should have bought a lottery ticket before leaving Houston. Unbelievable, I breezed through baggage claim, customs, etc.

Since I had never been to Cancun, I didn’t really know what to expect. All I can say is that Cancun was much more commercial or geared towards the tourist. Palatial looking resorts and hotels. I soon learned that tourism is about the ONLY thing that Cancun produces. Anyway, on to the view. Continuing with the luck of the day, I have no trouble checking in. Got settled into my room and open the curtains to reveal my view. See for yourself.

View from my room

It could be worse. I could be looking at concrete huh? I had a view of the lagoon. But hey, I didn’t care. I was in Cancun!! So here are a few views that I first saw after getting settled into my room.

Elevator Lobby View

Elevator lobby view

Ah, the bar down on the beach. Una cerveza, por favor.

Beach Bar

My first Cancun sunset. Hopefully not the last. Will post more pictures soon. I AM here for work, after all!
Cancun Sunset