Wow! What a day. Houston got snow and in a big way, sort of…

After threats of cold weather for a while now, Houston finally jumped in with both feet and dropped the temperature to a cool freezing and like a perfect storm brought some snow with it. Now you might say that this is pretty neat. And I wouldn’t disagree except that most of the drivers I have observed can barely drive when it starts to thunderstorm around here. Change that to snow and freezing weather and boy you’re asking a lot of people.

The office closed at noon to allow people to escape to the ‘burbs, gather the kids who were getting out of school early, and generally take a snow break. I was happy to get home early on Friday and was looking forward to seeing what our dogs would do in the snow. This was the first time they would experience snow. Luckily the wife was only about 45 minutes behind and so we watch the snow fall and waited for a break in the snow to take the dogs around the hood and see what reaction they would have in the snow. The pictures tell the story.

I think they were OK with it but they surely didn’t get what this white stuff was that was falling on the ground. It wasn’t edible (I think they thought it was bread) as I saw a few snaps at the snow. It was wet and being wet is NOT one of their favorite things. It was cold on their feet too and that is definitely not something they like. Heck, when it rains we practically have to drag them outside to go potty (that sounds so manly when I type that word).

Of course I had to bring the camera out to capture a few shots. My first attempt was to get under a tree to avoid the snow flakes on the camera. Not smart… the tree and ground was still melting the snow and so it as like I was under a leaky faucet. So I had to get out in the open and deal with the snow landing all on the camera and me and immediately melt. The house actually looks wintery which is odd since in the last week the temperature has been in the 70s.

No loss of equipment today but my ungloved fingers were quite stiff and cold from operating the camera. So please enjoy the Houston snow. It probably won’t be here in the morning. I think it will be above freezing by 10am.