Got a call a couple of weeks ago from a friend of my parents. Her daughter is graduating this year. Although she has already taken her senior pictures, she wanted to get some pictures taken of her daughter & date before dinner the night of the prom.

As the weeks passed, the number of people grew. It ended up being pictures of her daughter and two of her friends and their dates, etc. The more the merrier, right? The location was for the pictures was at a local restaurant called Nino’s. It is actually a trio of Italian restaurants on the same block that shares a little courtyard/fountain garden. Gives it that feeling of being in a small Italian village. My wife and friends had eaten there before. Good food. We took the pictures last night.

So we show up early to meet our friend’s, their daughter, Lindsey, and her date. Now, I am comfortable with people watching me work, even in public. So when I looked around, no big deal. But get ready to do the math with me. OK, we have the Lindsey, her date, her parents and Lindsey’s two girlfriends & their dates of whom I am also taking pictures. Oh, and their parents too. With me so far? The group was growing all the while I am clicking away.

When I finally got the shots in the camera, I looked around and Wow! There was a total of seven couples going to dinner, I believe the parents of all the girls were there at the restaurant. It was like when you see a wedding party and entourage show up at the reception. One big group of people milling around. I got some great shots. Stay tuned…