Well she might not be saying that anytime soon but Amy, my lovely wife, IS graduating from law school. Yep. You’re looking (well, not really looking) at one proud husband. Amy decided after spending over 16 years in an IT career that she wanted something more. So about 3 and a half years ago, she embarked on a journey that has led her to this moment. Graduation.

Her class ranking is really high. Summa Cum Laude to be exact. I was never a student of Latin so I thought that meant that she was a really boisterous student. Of course that was surely wrong because Amy would have been more of a quiet type of student. Boy was I surprised to find out it meant “with highest honors.” (jk)

Everyone, especially me, is so proud of her! Join me if you can in celebrating her walk across the stage on December 20, 2008. Here’s the details.
South Texas College of Law Graduation <–Click Here!

Congratulations Amy!

Please leave a comment for Amy congratulating her on the long and hard journey to practicing law.