You Really Should Print Those Images

So I ran across this little commercial from Canon Printers. First I laughed out loud at the commercial and then it made me think… a lot. With everyone having a camera in their phone, there are literally millions of images being captured every minute of the day. Many of them end up on social media sites for everyone to see. But does anyone ever print them out to enjoy?? At Falcon Photography, we do!!

Why Photographers Print

As a photographer, we are almost driven to create images. Whether it’s of a newborn baby, a energetic toddler, or a family portrait… photographers are passionate about capturing those moments in our lives that will never be again. The birth, graduation, or family gathering, it does not matter, we love creating memorable images. We love prints! Holding them in our hands, the feel of the print or canvas allows us to enjoy the image. You can’t hold the computer screen and feel the image in your hands. Nah, it just doesn’t work.

This video reminds us (very humorously) that we should enjoy prints of the images we capture. And I think they are on to something. What do you think?

When was the last time you had your image printed? Contact Falcon Photography to discuss how we can create some beautiful images for your walls!

Falcon Photography Newborn Image

Newborn Image in basket