Let no one say that I am uncultured. Yep, when in Rome, or in this case, Mexico, one must embrace the culture and experience what it means to be a luchador. After trekking to Playa del Carmen, we walked to our restaurant for lunch. Nothing like working up the appetite. It was a great open air restaurant where we sat on the second floor and had a nice view of the street and other establishments who were hawking their tourist trap souvenirs to unsuspecting travelers. Are you suspecting a story here? Wait for it…

So after eating a great lunch and enjoying a national frozen beverage (maybe two), we happened to notice that right-across-the-street was a rack of Mexican wrestling masks… well, the discussion went from “Huh, look at that, there’s a Spider-Man mask” to “Hey did you see that movie Nacho Libre?” to “Hey, if I buy one, will you?” Well, one thing led to another and a pact was formed. Below are pictures of the Lucha Libre Clan and our super hero names we gave ourselves. Because as I said earlier, when in Mexico, buy a Mexican wrestling mask!

Shopping for the mask.

Mask 01

“El Gato Peligrosas”

Mask 02

“El Conquistador Verde”

Mask 03

A deal is made. Five masks are bought. And the agreement in the Clan is to walk down the street in the mask, all the way back to the bus!

Mask 04

Mask 05

“El Falcon Negro”

Mask 06

Mask 07

The only thing worse than actually walking down a public street in a mask is shopping in a mask. But it was for tequila, so we blended in perfectly. By the way, sampling is allowed. We NEEDED lots of samples. We came, we drank, we purchased!

Tequila shopping

We made it all the way back to the bus with our masks. I don’t know about dignity but hey, we may never be there again so it was all good! Not sure but the masks may see another outing…

Mask 07