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Is that Peter Cottontail | Falcon Photography

Pulling up into the driveway I spot something between my house and my neighbor, Eric’s house. It was just a glimpse but I swore to myself that it was a small rabbit. So getting out of my car, I walk down the driveway to retrieve the garbage can and I steal another peek between the houses. Yep, a little bunny is about two feet away from my neighbor’s air conditioning unit. As luck would have, I have my camera.

I quietly pull out camera and sneak over to very carefully lean around the corner of the house ready to capture Peter Cottontail (or Paula??). I am afraid that just the sight of me will cause it to hop away. I look though the camera around the corner and he is still just hanging out. I snap a few pictures. Lean back around for cover to check the camera. Yep. Got some…. now if I can zoom in a little more it won’t look so much like a brown rag in the grass!

I snap a few more and then decided I probably have frightened Peter enough. Pack camera away and went inside. Here are three pictures of Peter (yes, I named him.) watching me with great intensity. One thought that crossed my mind when I verified it was a rabbit… “even with all this concrete in Houston, wildlife still blooms .”

I’ll keep an eye out for Peter and try to snap a few more if he pokes he head my way.

A rabbit in between me and my neighbor\

A rabbit in between me and my neighbor\

A rabbit in between me and my neighbor\

Maybe he will be around next year for an Easter Portrait session. Maybe you will come by too!

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