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In Search of Bluebonnets — Part 2 | Falcon Photography

So April 19th arrives. My sister and her son, Logan, came by the house in the afternoon to take some portraits out in the country. Going northwest to Chapel Hill and Brenham in search of the last of the Bluebonnets. Along with my wife, Amy, we all packed up the vehicle and hit the road. Camera gear locked and loaded, we are hopeful…

To my sad surprise, most of the Bluebonnets came and went without our viewing them. We saw a few patches that were not nearly enough to take a picture. All the good spots that were visited in years past. Flat gone. But were a positive bunch, there must be at least ONE patch left, right?

Well we found the last one, I think, and it wasn’t all that spectacular. I took a few shots and then we moved on down the road. A little further. Then some more… well it then became a search for a “good spot” to take some pictures, with or without Bluebonnets. Thankfully, Logan was not bothered by this photographer’s frustration in finding a spot. We did find a nice stretch of road where the sun was falling nicely on a fence line and tree. Here’s Logan along the fence line.



Logan, maybe next year will play in fields of Bluebonnets.

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