So did you know that they have Iguanas in Mexico? Lots of ’em? So our tour of Tulum was interesting but for me too short. I wanted time to roam around and get some nice pictures. Bonk! Thanks for playing… after our tour guide gave us the quick history, we had about 15-20 minutes to wander before we had to load back up on the bus to get to our lunch reservation in Playa Del Carmen. Ouch! A few photos from Tulum.

Tulum 01

Tulum 02

Tulum 03

Tulum Group Shot

Yeah, I felt rushed and I wanted more time but I understand that getting that many people from point A to B to C is work. It just seemed as though we barely got to know the city. We did have Iguana territory fighting as our entertainment. Yep, we happened to be there during the upcoming mating season where the male Iguanas stake claim for territory and fight it out for real estate. If an Iguana babe crosses his land, she must pay the toll.

Check out the winner of a fight that happened right in front of us while learning about the history. Notice the blood on the winner. The loser had to sulk away. No girlfriend for you this season!

Iguana 01

Tulum happens to be the highest elevation, actually having cliffs, which historically gave this area a natural benefit of protection from attackers. This was the view from the cliffs.

Tulum Cliffs

OK, people, back on the bus!