I did say that we were here for work. And I meant it. We are here to discuss and decide how the software we use at work will run in the South American countries where we do business. We have people here from the business that will tell us more of how they do their business today and then we will discuss how they will do business in the future once the software is configured and set up.

My boss asked me to take a group photo of everyone, the project team. Here is the team.

Project Team

Since the project is a South American project, soccer, er, fútbol is the sport down there so we had fútbol shirts made with our project name, etc., printed on it. Go team! Notice the soccer ball. After the pictures were taken, it was necessary to play fútbol on the beach. A few pictures of the guys huffing and puffing through a match.

Andres Soccer

Diego Soccer

Chris Soccer

OK, I’m tired watching the game… or is it that my beer can is empty? Una mas, por favor.