Your right. It has been a while. Let me explain.

It’s this thing called SAP. It is a very demanding, attention stealing, and time consuming program. I’m sorry for neglecting you for so long.

I too, have missed you and wanted to tell you what was going on but  SAP was just too demanding. Please forgive me and let’s get back to our normal relationship. Oh, one thing, I am not in Houston. I am in Brazil right now.

Yeah, you guessed it. SAP. We are introducing the Brazilian team to SAP. So I am here to help the training effort. It’s only a couple of weeks and then I will be home. Maybe then I can get back to the Picture of the Week (POW) installments…. Yeah, I know I said once a week but I am very busy and do not want to disappoint you anymore than I already have.

Hey, I will take some pictures down here in Brazil and post them for you and everyone to see. I hope you will enjoy these pictures. It is a very large country and I will only see a couple of cities while I am here. Until then, look for some posts.