What can I say, good things in life are to be enjoyed. Snow in Houston is a rarity and I sure hope that you enjoyed it ’cause it went as fast as it came. Personally I enjoy the beauty of it but really don’t care for the cold of it.

I got up early this morning and stepped out with the dogs to ‘do their business’ before breakfast and much of the snow had melted. It was a little depressing that we had such a short time with it but I also am thankful that all this didn’t happen during the work week.

Can you image the drive time in Houston if we had snow that stayed for a while. Whew! Thank goodness for small favors and good timing. That is just what this gift of snow was to me. Who knows maybe we’ll get another perfect storm and have another weekend of the fluffy white stuff. Enjoy

PS – To relieve any fears that the small brown fluffy thing on the ground was a live animal. You’re right if you think it is a stuffed toy animal. A bear to be precise who was unlucky to have been left outside and caught in the snow yesterday.