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Can This Old Dog Learn New Tricks? | Falcon Photography

Like most professions, you must continue to learn in order to stay up with the market and remain viable. So this photographer is hitting the books, sort of. I will be attending the Texas School of Photography all next week. The school is sponsored by Texas Professional Photographer’s Association, which I am a member. The TPPA is affiliated with Professional Photographer’s Association, which I am also a member. These organizations seek to increase it’s members business knowledge as well as educating them. I have found my memberships in these associations very valuable and a great wealth of resources in the subject of photography and running a studio. Thanks PPA & TPPA!

So I am heading back to school to attend the “A Week With Dave Newman: Portrait Essentials” course. I wanted to refresh my skills in the essentials of portraiture. My instructor is Dave Newman, a well know author and portrait artist. We will have classroom lectures, instructor demonstrations and models to practice our learning throughout the week, testing out new techniques in posing and lighting. I hear that he is a blast and I am looking forward to getting some new ideas and sharpening the tool.

So you might be asking yourself, “Why is he doing this? Doesn’t he already know how to do this?” Of course I do but I am the curious George type. I like to learn more about my craft, gain new insights and techniques in making better portraits for YOU, my customer! I plan to share my new knowledge by providing you with the best photographs of you and your loved ones. I want to leave you speechless when you see what we can do for you. Until then…

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