Ahoy Mates! We have seen Mexican wrestling to pirates of the Caribbean, or in Español, it’s pirata. For our final evening in Cancun, the group event was a voyage on the Captain Hook Pirate Dinner Cruise. It was an evening of fun, food, entertainment, and ARGH! some good old pirate sword fighting. Our ship, the El Galleon battled the El Bucancero for bragging rights and a share in the bounty we captured… What, you say? Belay! You scurvy scallywag! You’ll have to wait and read who won the fight.

OK, where was I? Oh yeah, so they persuade you with grog and grub, then make you participate in sea shanteys and group dances. Aye! Never you see such a crowd… like sheep to the slaughter, filthy land lubbers shakin’ their booty to the music or was it the waves from the ocean? It could have been the margaritas too? Either way, I present to you evidence of the crimes at sea committed by the filthy lot and only I survived to show you the evidence. So hoist the main sail and let’s get to the pics!

El Galleon
Here’s our ship, the El Galleon, the mighty warrior!

Some of the land lubbers getting on board. Preparing to commit unspeakable crimes.

Group Dance01
I told you there was some strange sing-a-longs and group dances. Grog will do this every time!

Captain and Friends
Aye! The Captain and his men performing some swashbuckling sword fighting.

Group Dance
Ah, this one, definitely a group dance!

Captain Hook
Our ships finally meet and the fight begins. We are trying to rescue our captain’s wife from the El Bucancero.

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp wannabe. Teaching the latest pirate line dance, of course.

The crowd roars for more! Actually, just the group giving me a AYE AYE! We had a great time on the ship. Why a great time you ask? ‘Cause we won, Mate. We kicked the other ship’s “booty!” So now you have yer answer. Bother me no more, scallywag!

OK, you now have the evidence of the land lubbers committing these unspeakable crimes on the high sea. I say we make ’em WALK THE PLANK, never to ride upon the waves in Cancun again.

Oh, and if yer interested, here’s the other evidence of the crazy things that happened on our evening voyage. Good thing I hid my treasure before they boarded. ARGH!