Get In the Picture!

Recently I came across this TED Talk by Steven Addis about how one image led to an annual image capture of him and his daughter. It was an simple moment captured that resulted in an annual trip to New York to take another image.  He urges people to “get in the picture” and be a part of the moment. I thought that this was a clever idea and I know that for many years to come he and his family will be able to look at those special moments and remember that time in their lives. The video is about 3:30 minutes in length.


Don’t let a special moment pass without capturing it in images! A newborn baby, first birthday, and high school senior portraits are only a few of the times in our lives where you should have a picture made. Below is a first birthday image from our baby program.

1st birthday portrait

1st birthday portrait


We Can Help

At Falcon Photography, we can help you capture the special time in your life. We are here to help document those milestone moments, the annual birthday image, and other important times in your life. We specialize in newborn, baby, children, family & high school senior portraits. Call us and let’s talk about how we can help capture YOU in the picture! Falcon Photography – 281.560.3686