Ugh! Did I hear right, I asked? 8:30am we have to be in the hotel lobby? This was the conversation last night as confirmed plans for a group excursion were discussed at our end of day meeting. It went… “have fun tonight but remember, 8:30am tomorrow in the lobby for the trip to Tulum to visit the Mayan Ruins.

And yes, we had plans on having a Friday night of “cocktails” to celebrate a hard week of meetings and discussions. Anyway, all but one soul made it aboard the Tulum Express. I don’t think everyone was alive, but they made it aboard. See evidence of that here…


As the tour guide provided those that were coherent enough to hear the history of Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, and Tulum, there were a few that were recuperating from an evening out at Señor Frog’s. I wonder who remembers the history lesson that was taught on the bus? Hmmm, is there a test at the end of the tour?