In the following posts, I will attempt to “bring you along” for the ride (pun intended). So let’s get started.

As one of my roles as a training logistics coordinator, I typically travel ahead of the other training team to ensure all the rooms, course materials, etc. are in place and ready for the hands-on software training.

So I am here. In Brazil. Out of the airport, on the road, specifically BR101 heading northeast and travelling to my destination. I am writing this as I sit in the back seat of a hired car where I would swear that the driver must be an ex-race car driver. The hills, curves, and extreme speed all add up to an exciting ride to Macaé, Brazil. This will be my home base where I will work for the new few weeks.

The road to Macaé is a simple two lane highway that doubles as a rally car track (I think). The only problem is the buses, slower cars, large work trucks that are slowing down the time my rally car driver, er, I mean my hired driver. If I were a betting man, I would say he has won the Rio to Macaé back to Rio rally race multiple times. I think I saw a speed limit sign that read 60/kmh and since I elected to sit In the back seat, I have a great angle on the speedometer. Let’s just say my driver has broken the speed limit many times. And forget about the double lines, there is a race time to beat. Well the good news is that it looks like they are planning to widen the road to Macaé. Wonder how that will affect rally score times?

As I look out window at the thick foliage along the road and off on the hills, I am struck with wonder. If the brush is super thick, what must it be like in the actual Brazilian rain forest? At these rally speeds, I can’t exactly capture what I am describing. It goes from thick green foliage and then it will open up to high hills with rocky peaks. I will have some pictures at the end of the posts. Do realize that some of these pictures were captured while the car was airborne (not true) so clear crisp pictures are not the norm here.

Oh wait, there’s the sign. We are here. The normal two hour trip has taken a mere, 45 minutes (not true). It seems that we blurred along the highway to our destination. Either way, I am here, safe, in tact, and ready to start my work here. Enjoys the pictures.