Just A Walk In the Park

While on vacation in Washington, DC, Amy and I met up with our good friend Eric and Nya, his Rhodesian Ridgeback, for a walk in the park. As I recall, it was a rather warm, balmy August day and Nya was the happiest of us on the walk.

The story actually starts at Eric’s house where Nya was pacing around looking out the front door window in anticipation of the pending walk. Once in the car, I would swear that she had a smile on her face as we drove to the park. Once there, she was almost uncontrollable to get out of the car and start sniffing around. There are so many smells that dogs can smell that humans cannot detect and she put that sniffer to work smelling all the other dogs who came before her that day.

We had great fun spending time with Eric and Nya. She even performed a trick out how she could balance food on the bridge of her nose and then when commanded flip it up and catch it in her mouth. Amy had a peanut butter sandwich in her bag. What dog passes up peanut butter! Easy peasy for her to show us the trick, although I suspect she missed on purpose a couple of times to get more of that sandwich!!

Below is a video of some of the images. If you want to see the images, feel free to check out the Facebook album http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.53665347400.63372.53663947400&type=1 . Enjoy!

Eric & Nya on You Tube