So in my last post I mentioned an ocean view room. Because all rooms on an island are ocean view, right? Better put, I would say I had a parking lot/construction view. There is a view of the ocean… it’s just a little farther than the patrons on the other end on my hall had. They had a beach/ocean view room. All in all, I can’t complain. The room was comfortable and I really wasn’t there to see a room. See a panorama view from my room.


After a leisure breakfast, I decided to walk the other way on the sidewalk… the path more traveled. I walked past many fine resort hotels, bars, & stores. As I walked I could hear some scurrying noises coming from the lush plants, bushes and flower beds along the path. I found a nice bar on the beach. No surprise here. It was named Gilligan’s. Of course, the S.S. Minnow was there too. On the back of the boat, was a phrase that is Aruba’s mantra, “One Happy Island.” No joke. The car license plates has this so it must be true! I think it became my mantra during my stay there.

They had a sign post showing how far it was back to Houston, Texas. Now I am no navigator but I think someone needs to pull out a map and check their mileage of some of their signs. Go ahead, you do the math on Manhattan. I’ll wait… Unless there is a Manhattan, Texas, I think they missed it by a few miles.

Oh, back to that rustling noise I heard. There be some lizards on that island, matey! At first I thought it might be some birds, or a mouse/rat but nope, they have these very shiny, blue speckled lizards. A little further down, I saw another lizard, er, I mean iguana. Fast little suckers. Camera shy too.

Hey, you know what else I found on my walk about? Boats. The island has got them some boats. Funny thing, most of them were anchored. Not doing much of anything except waiting for someone to come along and rent them.

After walking a good ways, the hotels ended, the temperature rose, and I got thirsty. I stopped at another beachside bar, got a bottle of water and did what everyone else was doing… people watch. Later that evening, we went to dinner at a very nice restaurant. I would say that I had one of the best meals there. Not only was it a great meal, the location was very unique. Have you ever eaten dinner while sitting in the ocean? It was called the Flying Fishbone. Check out the website and look at the pictures. All outdoors and some of the tables in the water. Made for a memorable dinner.