I wanted to thank everyone for their well wishes and also provide an update about what I’ll be doing after graduation.  First, of course, is the big, bad, bar exam. I’ll be taking the Bar February 24-26, 2009. That means I’ll spend most of the holidays studying. It’s two and a half days just chock full of law: a 200 mutiple choice questions part covering all “the basics”, 12 Texas focused essay questions, a test on the rules of procedure and evidence (gosh, I hope I have these down after three and a half years!) and a writing assignment. I’ll know the results in early May. I’m looking forward to seeing my name on the pass list!

After the bar exam, Kevin & I plan to go on some kind of vacation. We haven’t had any really big fun in a long time so we’re long over due!

My first job starts in September 2009. I’ll be working as a briefing attorney for Judge Terry Jennings in the Texas First Court of Appeals here in downtown Houston. This means I’ll help the judge research the cases that are being appealed and write a proposed order for each case. I have been told it will be like getting three years experience in one year and that it will give my resume some real clout. I’ll also learn how the Texas justice system works from the inside out as the court hears both civil & criminal appeals. This position lasts for one year and then I’ll be on to find my permanent job. After seeing all the cases that come through the Court of Appeals, I should have a really good idea of what area of law I want to specialize in.

What am I doing between vacation and the start of my job? Hmm…that’s a tough question, it’d be great to take three or four months off but I’ll probably work as a law clerk somewhere. And I’ll be auditing a class on Texas appellate procedure since that will be the focus of my job in the Court of Appeals.