A couple of weeks ago, my friends (and customer), Gene & Sissy asked me to take some portraits for their annual holiday card. I previously did a holiday card session for their family. You can see a few pictures from that session here. Their family consist of two fun dogs, Hogan & Dreyfus. Well for anyone who has tried to take pictures of children, you know it can be challenging to get their attention. Their attention span is very short. For a pet, it is even shorter and triple the difficulty of getting their attention in the first place. You have to also have triple the fun factor because just like kids, you never know what they are going to do during the session.

Below are a few of the outtakes from our session. I snapped a few shots as I was setting up to reacquaint the dogs to the camera and flash. Mostly they were oblivious to camera equipment. Hogan, the Weimaraner, was skeptical of me and my equipment. He sniffed me but wasn’t convinced that I was OK. Dreyfus, a Labradoodle, was very calm throughout the session. In fact, at some point, he became bored wondering when he could return to his nap (I think).

Setting up.

Organizing pets

Can you tell where the treat holder is standing?


Getting bored . . .  need more treats!

The session went well although plenty of treats were used to gain the subject’s attention. Thanks for a wonderful session Gene, Sissy, Hogan & Dreyfus.