So in my last post I mentioned a Caipirinha as Brazil’s national drink but what I didn’t tell you was that I HADN’T drank one. Until now. So let me give you the story.

In my hotel, they have a theme of food each night and the bar offers something similar by way of music/happy hour items. Well it just happened to be Bossa Nova night in our hotel when I had the pleasure to try a Caipirinha for the first time. First let me tell you of the Caipirinha.

Well the base ingredient is Cachaça which is made from sugarcane. has a recipe if you want to try making it at home. Ingredients are very simple. Cachaça, lime, and sugar. That’s it.

I had the luxury of having my first made by Michael, the bartender in my hotel bar. Even better was the fact that it was free! Thanks Michael. So how does it taste, you ask? Sweet and refreshing. I could see this being a great drink for the beach or while lounging by the pool where the heat would compliment the sweet taste of the drink.

OK so back to Bossa Nova music. On this night, we were entertained by a wonderful artist, Taynah Tenaz that the hotel hired to provide some happy hour music. Bossa Nova is a style of Brazilian music that means new trend in Portuguese (why are you surprised? Look at where I am). It was a style that was popular back in the late 50s and early 60s. It is a style based on Samba and jazz. It is great music for the bar, easy listening, smart lyrics, with that jazz flavor. All I know is that it goes well with a Caipirinha!