I have been invited to watch the Spirit of Flight Airshow this weekend in Galveston, TX at the parent’s home of a friend. Their house backs up to Sydnor Bayou which looks across to where the event takes place. Why is this significant you ask? Because the plane’s flight paths take them directly in front (really the back) of their house. Now, isn’t that the coolest thing? You don’t go to the airshow… it comes to you!

Literally, the planes fly over the house at times. If you have never seen an airshow, you should. I will have to admit that last year was my first airshow and I now AM SPOILED rotten. It’s the only way to go. Her parents put on a feast of a barbecue, cold drinks (and adult beverages too), dessert, and a bathroom. What more could you ask for? Really?

Here are a few of the pictures that I took last year. If you get the chance, take in an airshow. You will have a real appreciation for people who learn how to fly. Up, up, up…. whoosh!

I think the weather is supposed to be awesome. Maybe I will get even better pictures this year!