So today my wife completes her journey. Three and half years of taking classes, studying, and grueling exams allows her to walk across the stage of the South Texas College of Law graduation ceremony. Amy’s tireless hard work has also paid off… She is the VALEDICTORIAN! (crowd cheers or maybe it’s just me)

Most of you that know Amy, know that she was very faithful to her studies. No amount of begging, prying, or pressure would convince her to put down the pen, paper, or computer for a free meal or movie offer (except on rare occasions like my birthday or our anniversary!). Dedication is a word that comes to mind.

I am witness to all of this hard work that she has put towards her schooling. The reading of untold number of law books, creating study outlines, and hours of studying for exams, all have prepared her for this day. You know… proud just doesn’t seem to be a big enough word to describe how I feel about all that she has accomplished with her law education.  When she walks on that stage, gives her speech and then receives her diploma, my heart will be bursting with joy. What a day this will be!

— — —

{Letter to my wife}

My dear Amy,

You make me so proud. I look forward to your future with awe and inspiration. Go forth and change the world.

I love you!


— — —