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Oh, You’re From Louisiana? Say Something in Cajun.

When people meet me and learn that I am from Louisiana, the normal round of questions follow about life in Louisiana. Many questions about what type of pet did you have… An alligator, right? And questions about the cuisine… Do you really eat crawfish? And how about LSU… Do they really party that hard at the football games?

The Elusive Cajun Accent

One story that eventually comes out (when my wife is around) is about my “Cajun accent” and that it rarely noticeable in my everyday speech. You see, I grew up in the city of Baton Rouge but am of Cajun heritage. Growing up in the city, my Cajun accent usually comes out only when I am speaking to someone else who is of Cajun heritage. Most people who meet me say that I do not have a particular accent.Talking Cajun

On one such occasion, a good friend from college (yes, LSU) and I were talking when over my shoulder I hear “There it is!” from my wife. She and a friend were laughing at my friend and me who were having a chat over a couple of beers in full on Cajun accent. Just like that a story gets a life of it’s own. From that point on my wife enjoys reminiscing over that specific occasion to tell new friends about my Cajun accent. And really, it is hardly noticeable!

Recently, I came across a website with an item called “The Cajun Test.” I have to say that it was a great read on how most Hollywood TV or movie scripts get the depiction of Cajun life/speech so wrong. It was a fun read for this Cajun boy to remind me of the things I do not hear that much living here in Houston. Unless I am having a few beers with my friend and we get on a roll about our childhood lives.

P.S. My wife likes to joke about my accent but she was born in Mississippi and her Southern drawl comes out when she visits home! ‘Nuff said.

For The Beginner Photographer

The people over at Photography Degree created this info-graphic that is a great primer for someone who is just getting into photography or contemplating a career in photography. Many photographers, like me, have already had a different career but “caught” the photo bug. We just live to capture beautiful images and enjoy the science, if you will, of it.

For the beginner, don’t worry if you are just getting started. Take a look at this graphic below and absorb all the info. REMEMBER, this is only the beginning of your learning. Now, let’s add studio lights…


About 9 months ago, Falcon Photography was contacted by a veterinarian who was developing her In-Home Pet Hospice & Euthanasia business to create some professional images for her biography page on her website as well as some images of her with some of her pets. I spent an afternoon with her and her two rat terriers, Molly & Myley and one of her cats Satsu.









Fast forward and Dr. Christine Cornelius has officially opened Last Wishes. No one really thinks about needing the services of Dr. Cornelius but she is one of less than 50 vets who are doing this kind of work. I can tell you that from the time I spent with her and her pets she is a caring veterinarian.

When the day comes that I need her services for any of our pets, I will call Last Wishes to assist us to help our pet make the transition. If you own pets and they become sick or in need of hospice, do yourself the service and contact Last Wishes. They also have a Facebook page.


Lydia’s session came and went so fast that I was looking at my watch saying “Really, our time went that fast??” And it did. Her friend Tiku joined us for the session and we had a good laugh or two during our session. So without any more hesitation, here are two images that I wanted to share with you from her session. Enjoy!

Lydia R

Would you like to take some great images with Falcon Photography? Contact us to learn more.

Let’s Have An Easter Egg Hunt

That was the cry from three little girls. My family came over to celebrate Easter, visit and have and have lunch. After the grub, the game was on! So my brother was the official egg hider and counter. I got to play the role… wait for it… photographer! (I know you were surprised.

The squeals of three girls running and searching for that prize plastic egg was soooo much fun to watch. I had to remember at times that I had my camera in order to capture the images. They had so much fun it was easy to see by the smiles and laughter.  I threw a quick video of the images below. Do you remember being a kid and the thrill of the hunt? I do! Leave a comment if you had an Easter Egg hunt.

1982 vs. 2012 – What A Difference 30 Years Can Make

So what is the difference between high school kids today versus my graduating class of 1982? Take a look below. I’m not sure if I was surprised by the differences. What about you? Does the information below surprise you at all?